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Have a unique song you'd love to make a story out of?​

Narratives have the power to connect with us on a more emotional level, letting us involve ourselves in the story; allowing the music to set the tone and atmosphere to the events. They're also a great opportunity for the artist to take the focus off of themselves and allow the video to become its own entity.

With our Narrative videos, we'll work with you to create the story that's right for your song. There's a lot more pre-production work e.g. hiring actors & crew, storyboarding, writing scripts etc. But all of our attention will be focused on your video, making it the best it can be!

With our Basic Storyline we'll hire 1-3 actors and create something more affordable, without the need for expensive locations or effects. We'll cut down on pre-production and focus on delivering a product in quick turn around. This is limited to 3 minutes to cut down on expenses. With this we won't hire any locations and will have a limited production budget.


Our Complex Storyline will involve more characters, locations, crew and a lot more pre-production. There will be a much larger production budget, with the hire of props, locations and extra actors. We'll create something of extremely high quality and scope! The video can be as long as you like, it just can't involve any visual which leads to...

Effects Heavy includes everything from our previous package, but this can be a mind bending spectacle of visuals! We'll hire a green screen for any necessary effects. Editing on this can vary depending on the amount and the complexity of the effects, but with this we'll be able to make eye popping images along with a narrative that connects.

Basic Storyline
Complex Storyline
Effects Heavy