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Want a video that shows off your image along with visuals to impress?

Whether you're looking to film on location, studio, a story with you as the star or background figures to a narrative of vibrant characters, we offer competitive prices to ensure the video can be done anywhere within our budget range. Performer videos keep the focus on the artist themselves, putting them in a unique location and adding a narrative alongside the performance to enhance the song. They're great for selling the image of the artist as well as the song. 

With our Location shoot, we'll film at a visually interesting place that suits the vibe of the song. With the Studio shoot we'll rent a studio for 1-2 days. Both of these shoots can have narratives involved at request of the artist but they won't be anything that requires actors, for that look no further than our Storyline shoot. Here we can hire 1-3 actors for the shoot in which you'll be heavily featured (this shoot can still involve hiring a location or studio)

Location Shoot